Add Custom fields to your Sales Pipeline / Opportunities

BigContacts offers a robust Sales Pipeline, Sales Tracking Module, and Opportunities. Now, with the ability to customize Opportunities, you can easily adjust your Sales Pipeline and Advanced Reports to meet your specific needs. 

First, select "Admin" in the Left Menu

Next, select "Sales Module" under the "Manage Modules" section

Select "Custom Fields"

Select the orange button labeled "New Custom Field"

You will then be prompted to Name your Custom Field and select the type of field it will be

You have the option to create a Picklist with as many options as necessary 

Make sure to select the "Create" button at the bottom of the pop-up window, once complete

To see your new Custom Field, select "Contacts" from the left menu.

Select the "Actions" button and choose "Add Opportunity"

Scroll down the Create an Opportunity window and you will see your Custom Field

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