Request a Full Data Backup

BigContacts cares about the security of your data and that's why we backup the entire system every night to keep your data safe and sound. This backup process that we do in our main data center is fully automated and is for our entire system. 

It's time intensive to process and transfer an individual back up. It's because of the time involved to complete this process, we must charge a one-time fee of $100 for an individual account backup.

The full data back up is compiled in multiple spreadsheets, in that all activity/history is linked back to the appropriate contact record through contact ID numbers as well as activity ID numbers; the import is designed so that a technician or developer can re-compile the data into a new CRM system

The backup is actually a dump of the database, saved as XML, one XML per table (which can be opened with Excel, okay, but that's just a side effect), but preserves the database structure. It's designed, just like any backup, to be restored later on (and, of course, a coder can compile the list into a different format). It's not supposed to be used as a spreadsheet.

Please let us know if you would like for me to schedule a full backup for you by contacting

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