Capture incoming Emails from your Outlook Inbox

BigContacts offers a powerful tool known as an " email dropbox"€ that allows you to automatically capture incoming emails and store them to the appropriate contact records.  This great feature works with any email account.  Below are the steps that you want to follow to set this up. This requires a one time setup for each user on your team and after this setup is completed this will work automatically for you in the background.

1)  Locate your "email dropbox" address in BigContacts

Each user on your team will have their own unique "email dropbox" address.  Below are the steps you can follow to get your unique email dropbox address.

  1. Click on the "Admin" Tab in your system
  2. Under the "Manage Users" section you will select the "Add/Edit users" link

  3. In here you will see a row with your name and a link labeled "Request Dropbox"

  4. When you click this link, it will create a unique email dropbox address just for you!

2)  Set up a rule in Outlook to "RE-DIRECT" a copy of incoming emails to your BigContacts "email dropbox"


  • You want to follow the steps to choose the RE-DIRECT option for incoming emails DO NOT choose the FORWARD option as this will forward the entire email and remove a copy of ti from your email inbox in Outlook.
  • CLICK HERE for a direct link to Microsoft Support that show you how to set this up (again, you want to choose the RE-DIRECT option). 

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