Activity Manager report

The "Activity Manager Report" is a great tool that will help you get a true pulse of what is going on in your business. This report will allow you to view a summary of all activity by user and also for your entire team.

This article will show you where and how to use this report.

Viewing the Activity Manager report

You can access the Activity Manager by clicking on the "Reports" tab located in the left navigation menu of your BigContacts account.

  1. In here you will see a tab labeled "Standard Reports"
  2. The first report listed under the "Activity Reports" section is "Activity Manager".
  3. In the "Users" section on the top left, select the team members whose activity you want to review.
  4. In the middle column - select the display format.  A great setting for categorizing your activities is the "Organize by Activity Type" setting
  5. On the right-hand column - Select the time-frame that you wish to view this activity
  6. Click on the orange "Submit" button to view the results.

  7. If you had selected "Organize by Activity Type" you can click on any of the activity categories to expand and see more details!

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