Assign a Task or ToDo

You can assign a task from two places within your BigContacts account (from the calendar and from the contact record). Below you will see how this can be done from Both areas.

From the Contact record

  1. You will select the orange Actions button and select "Assign Task".

  2. The pop-up window will open and you are ready to enter the details of the task

  3. After you have finished you will then select the "Assign Task"€ button in the pop-up

From the Calendar

  1. On the calendar, there are 3 different views (Day, Week and month) and the view will determine what you see when you go to assign a task.
  2. Day OR Week Views - in both of these views you will see just above meetings a section labeled "Tasks/Bdays". You can click anywhere in this section and a small menu will open asking if you wish to create a "Task" or a "To do"

IMPORTANT NOTE: A "Task" is directly related to and is associated with a specific Contact in your account. The Task is where you track things that need to get done for that specific person.

A " Todo" is NOT related to any specific Contact but rather is something that you wish to remind yourself to do. It could remind yourself to stop by the bank to deposit money or going to the office supplies store to get paper, etc

  1. Month View - In this view, you will simply click anywhere in the box for the date you want and here you will see a small menu open that gives you 3 different choices as shown in the screenshot below.