Creating Multiple Sales Pipelines


With BigContacts you can keep track of potential sales for your clients and prospects. The sales pipeline will help you to track and convert more opportunities into sales.  In some cases, it may be necessary to create completely separate pipelines to accommodate completely separate products.  When might this make sense?  If you have distinctly different product lines that you offer and they each have different sales stages and/or different sales cycles (time to closure) then it makes sense to create a separate pipeline for each of these to better track your opportunities.

This article will show you how you can build more than one sales pipeline.

1) Click on the Pipeline link in the left sidebar menu

2) Select the Add New Sales Stage button and you are now ready setup your sales stages.

3) In the "Sales Pipeline" section simply create a pipeline for each product using the product name as the " pre-fix " for each stage.

  • Product A-lead, Product A-Proposal mtg., etc
  • Product B-lead, Product B-Proposal mtg., etc

This will allow you to maintain two pipelines side-by-side and the sales stages for each pipeline will be grouped together based on the pre-fix they are associated with.


Special Notes:

Below are explanations of the key fields when entering a sales stage in your sales pipeline.

Stage "Here you will create the name for each stage of your sales process".

Examples:  ( Initial Meeting, Proposal Meeting, Decision Pending, Closed/ Pending Billing)

Confidence "The confidence level is the probability that this opportunity at this stage in  your  sales process will result in a sale". 

Example:  Let's say that of all the prospects that make it to  the Proposal Meeting stage 3 in 10 will close.  That being the case your confidence level for this stage would be 30% (3/10)

Sales Cycle "This number represents the average number of days before an opportunity results in a sale from this stage".

Example:  Let's say that it typically takes 30 days to close from the “Proposal Meeting stage.  You would then enter 30 days in the sales cycle field.

Why is all this important?

We offer a "Sales Manager Report" will not only show you what you have in your sales pipeline, but it will  ALSO  give you projected sales numbers based on the confidence level and sales cycle that you enter for each stage in your sales pipeline.  The more accurate you are in estimating these numbers, the more accurate your sales projections will be.


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