Adding a Group Note

BigContacts has a Group Note feature that allows you to filter a list of contacts and add a note to all these contacts at one time. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Group Note function is limited to a list of 100 contacts or fewer.  This means you can add several group notes per day, but you must keep each group note to 100 or fewer contacts.

Building the list for your Group Note

  1. Click on the "Reports" tab
  2. Use the "Advanced Search/Report Builder" to filter a list for your note. In the image below we are showing an example of using some filters. You can select any fields you like to create your targeted list.

  3. After you have all of your filters in place you will then want to select the orange "View Contacts" button to display the list for your group note.

  4. Scan the list to verify that you, in fact, have selected the desired criteria to create the list you want
  5. After reviewing the contacts, click on "Add Group Note"

  6. After you click on "Add Group Note" your list will load and you will see a window to add your note. When you are finished, click the Add Note button.