Customize your Account


You can customize several aspects of your BigContacts account.  To get started, we encourage you to first add the custom fields that you will need to capture and organize information that is important to you when managing your contacts.

  1. Select the "Admin" tab in the left navigation menu
  2. Click on the "Customize Account" link in the "Manage My Account" section (first block from the left).
  3. Above the tabs that you can customize.

Here are a few areas where you can start customizing your account:

  • Calendar Settings:  You can customize if you would like to show birthdays, meeting subject and meeting locations
  • Regional Settings: You can customize the timezone, date format, telephone format, time format, currency symbol.
  • Custom Text/Date Fields: You can add contact type, tags, picklist/drop-down menus & custom fields. 
  • Contact Activities: You can add contact activity and also edit existing contact activity.
  • Hire/Require Fields: BigContacts makes a certain amount of fields available for you to require or hide for when you are adding or editing a contact.


Here are some additional ways you can customize your account:

Customize the Contact Record view

Customize your Tasks

Customize your workflows (multi-step tasks)

Customize your Sales Pipeline

Create Custom Email & Letter Templates

Connect your Webform(s) to your BigContacts account


Finally, for an overview on all that you can do to customize and setup your account, we have included this direct link to our latest BigContacts QuickStart Guide


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