QuickBooks Online Integration - Troubleshooting

  • You will not begin to see your contacts synchronize/ update between the two programs until AFTER you have made a change to one of your contact records either in QuickBooks online or in your BigContacts account.
  • It is this updating of an existing record OR the addition of a NEW record that will prompt the initial synchronization.  Then, going forward, any updates made to the contact record from either program will synchronize an update in the other program.
  • This applies BOTH to updating CUSTOMER INFORMATION as well as TRANSACTIONS that you enter into your QuickBooks Online program.


Troubleshooting Your QuickBooks - BigContacts connection

After you have connected your QuickBooks online to your BigContacts account and have made some changes (edits/updates) to your contacts in either program - you should begin to see synchronization between the two accounts. If for some reason you're NOT seeing the contact information synchronize between the programs and/or the transaction information synchronize (transaction information is only available if you have the BIGGEST plan) then it is time to do some troubleshooting to determine where the issue might be.

You have two different troubleshooting options when it comes to troubleshooting the synchronization between the two programs.

  1. WE CAN TEST FOR YOU - You can click on the link at the very bottom left-hand corner of this article to create a support ticket. This link is labeled " Still need help? Create a Support Ticket".   Click this and send us a brief explanation of the issue along with your QuickBooks online login credentials so that we can perform some testing for you to correct the issue.
  2. YOU CAN COORDINATE TESTING WITH BIGCONTACTS SUPPORT - if you prefer to do your own testing you will need to set aside some time as the testing is very time sensitive. You will follow these steps in order to successfully test & troubleshoot this connection.

    Send us a support ticket by clicking the link is labeled " Still need help? Create a Support Ticket" at the very bottom left-hand corner of this article

    *  Let us know that you are not able to sync and that you wish to do some testing to troubleshoot this

    *  You will watch for a reply back from support letting you know we are ready to test with you

    *  The moment you get the reply back from support acknowledging we are ready, you will need to edit 2 different contact records

    --  Edit a contact record in QuickBooks Online by typing the words " TEST FROM QB" in the notes field in the QB contact record. and then save the record.
    --  Edit a DIFFERENT contact record in BigContacts by adding a new "office phone" number.  Enter "4045551212" and make sure to choose "office" and then "office phone" in the drop-down menus to the right of the phone number field.

    *  The moment you have completed editing and saving the 2 different contact records you will need to reply back to support. Timing is very important here as we must be able to look at the system logs within 5 to 10 minutes of your edits.
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