Sales Manager Report


With the Sales Manager  Report  you can see all current sales activity for any member of your team or your team totals.  You can also drill down to specific sales stages and see the contacts that make up your total sales funnel.  The sales manager also projects your future business,  however this module is only as accurate as the data you put into your sales opportunities.

Using the Sales Manager Report 

*  To access the Sales Manager Report, click on the "Reports" tab in the  left hand  navigational menu click on the “Standard Reports” sub-tab

*  Click on "Sales Manager"

*  A pop-up window will open allowing you to easily build your sales report 

First, you will want to choose the time-frame that you want to view.  You can select either "This Month" or "Next Month" using the radio buttons or you can click on the calendar icons you see labeled "From" and "To" to create a custom date range.  It's important to note here is that the time-frame you choose pertains to the expected close date of your opportunity.  In other  words  if you choose a custom date range of April 1 - April 30, then the report will show you all the opportunities that are expected to close in the month of April. 

Next , click  on the "Team Members" button to select the team members that you want to view opportunities for.  You can click on the "Team Members" button again to collapse the  users  list.

Now that you've chosen the time-frame and team members the screen will update and you will now see sales projections display in the upper  right hand  corner under the "Sales Projections" section and your pipeline details will populate below.    

View the details of your Sales Pipeline

You can click on any one of your sales stage names to drill down and see all opportunities associated with that stage. From this view, you can see how long an opportunity has been in the sales pipeline in total as well as how long it has been in that particular stage. In addition, you can see the projected close and as well as any commissions you may be tracking for the sales rep associated with that opportunity.

Export your Sales Pipeline to a spreadsheet  

Finally, you have the option to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the "Export to excel" button as shown in the image above. In the  spreadsheet  you see even more details about your opportunities as shown in the image below. 


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