Capturing Incoming Emails from Your Gmail Inbox with BIGContacts

Learn how to effortlessly capture incoming emails from your Gmail inbox using BigContacts' Custom Email feature. This step-by-step guide will help you streamline email management and improve your workflow.

Imagine you're a busy sales professional. With BigContacts' Custom Email, you can automatically save important client emails to their respective contact records, enhancing your customer relationship management.

Benefits of capturing emails from your Gmail inbox with BIGContacts:

  1. Efficiency: Automatically capture and organize emails, saving time and reducing manual data entry.
  2. Enhanced Communication: Ensure important emails are never missed, improving client interactions.
  3. Simplicity: Easy setup with step-by-step instructions for seamless email capture integration.

How to Capture Emails From Your Gmail Inbox With BIGContacts

Step 1: Locate your Custom Email address in BigContacts

Each team member has a unique Custom Email address. Follow these steps to find yours:

1. Click "Admin" on the side panel.

2. Under the "Manage Users" section, select the "Add/Edit users" link.

Manage Users

3. Find your name and click "Request Custom Email." Your unique email address will be generated.

Request Custom Email

Step 2: Set up forwarding of incoming emails FROM your Gmail Inbox TO your BigContacts Custom Email

Now that you have your Custom Email address, you can configure email forwarding in your Gmail account:

(From your Gmail account)

1. Click the gear-shaped icon in the upper right-hand corner and select "See all settings."

2. In the top section, click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP."

3. Click "Add a forwarding address.

Add a forwarding address

4. Enter your BigContacts custom email address, and click "Next." A new pop-up opens. Click "Proceed."

Confirm Forwarding

Step 3: Find and enter the Gmail confirmation code.

After completing the previous section, Gmail will send a confirmation code. Follow these steps to locate the code:

(From your BigContacts account)

1. Click the "Admin" Tab.

2. Under the "Manage Users" section, select the "Add/Edit users" link.

Manage Users

3. Click directly on the custom email address next to your name.

Open custom inbox

4. A window will appear displaying recently forwarded emails; copy the Gmail confirmation code (excluding the "#").

Copy confirmation code

5. Please go to your Gmail account settings, paste the provided code into the designated space to verify your BGC custom email address listed under Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and then click Verify.

Verify your custom email address

Once verified, save your changes, and you’re good to go.

For additional help, we have provided a link directly from Google with regard to forwarding email: