Overview of Marketing Module - ActiveCampaign Integration

BigContacts offers a fully integrated Marketing Module.  This module goes well beyond your typical email marketing program. We offer marketing campaigns with some added intelligence! You set your campaigns to automatically adjust based on whether a contact clicks on a certain link in an email, replied previously or entered a new stage of the sales cycle. All of this is easily customized by you. In addition, you will never have to manually upload or clean up a list again!  You have to see it for yourself to believe how much this will help you in your marketing and customer retention efforts.

Email Marketing Integration

Available Marketing Plans

Total Marketing Contacts Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
500 $9/ month $91.80/ year
1,000 $17/ month $173.40/ year
2,500 $29/ month $295.80/ year
5,000 $45/ month $459/ year
10,000 $70/ month $714/ year
25,000 $135/ month $1,377/ year
50,000 $225/ month $2,295/ year
75,000 $325/ month $3,315/ year
100,000  $415/ month $4,233/ year

Marketing Automation

Sometimes a linear Email marketing campaign where you are sending one message to many people is not enough.  Add some real intelligence to your marketing efforts with Marketing Automation where you can set specific triggers to send more targeted messages to each contact in your marketing list based on how they choose to interact with what you are €resending them.

A few of the benefits with this integration

  1. Design & send email campaigns without leaving your BigContacts system!
  2. Build Custom Web forms and Landing pages to easily capture leads from your marketing campaigns
  3. Real-time Email testing for all major email clients to ensure your emails look great no matter what email provider your prospect may use
  4. Email Auto-responders to send emails either immediately after a new contact subscribes to your mailing list, or after any period of time has passed
  5. Social media Integration
  6. Sync Contacts (first name, last name and email address) between your BigContacts system and your Active Campaign account.  Add, Edit, and Delete Contacts and keep them in Sync.
  7. If a contact opens the email that you just sent, you can see your all the marketing campaign details under the "marketing campaigns" folder - right inside the contact record!   Instantly view details such as the campaign date, campaign name, and which links were opened.  You can even view the actual email they received in order to refresh your memory of what they received. This is a great tool if the prospect calls you from the campaign or when getting ready to call them to follow up, etc.  This feature applies to singular campaigns; automated series emails do not feed this information into the marketing campaigns folder.
  8. Detailed Reporting & Analytics right inside the "Marketing" tab in your BigContacts account.

With that Marketing Module, you can segment your contacts, create beautiful Email Templates, create a form, create an Auto-responder to send an email right after someone subscribes, create an automated series, tie into social media, marketing automation, and more!

The QuickStart Guide linked below w ill show you how to get off to a quick and successful start with our optional Marketing Module.

BigContacts "Marketing Module" QuickStart Guide