Import Your Contacts

BigContacts has an easy to use and FREE import tool that will allow you to take any properly formatted .CSV spreadsheet and import your contacts including custom fields.  The Import wizard is not able to migrate items such as notes, historical emails, tasks, meetings, or sales opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE:  You have 2 options for importing contacts.

Option #1: Let us import your contacts for you! 

We realize that you're busy and may not have the time to properly format your spreadsheet and import your contacts. That's OK as we are here to help!  You can simply email your spreadsheet to our helpful support team and this will create a support ticket for you. As soon as the import has been completed we will reply back through the ticket to let you know your contacts are ready for you in your account!

CLICK HERE to email us your spreadsheet.


Option #2: You can import your contacts by carefully following the steps outlined below.

Prepare your spreadsheet for import

  1. You will first need to export your current contact list from your current program to an excel spreadsheet.  CLICK HERE if you need instructions on how to export your contacts from your current program into an excel spreadsheet and we can help!
  2. In order for your imported data to end up in the right place, you will need to make the top row of your Spreadsheet your "header" row. In this row, you will enter the appropriate label for each column to tell the system where to map that field in your account. We recommend that you review the standard fields we offer in your BigContacts account.  This will give you the labels you need to place at the top of each column in your spreadsheet to make the "Mapping" process much quicker for you.

    COLUMN HEADER NAMES: It's not necessary to change the column header values on your spreadsheet prior to import but we do recommend it.  Taking the time to update and match your header names will make the actual import process that much faster and smoother with no manual mapping required.  For a complete list of column header names that you can enter in your spreadsheet please CLICK HERE.
  3. After you have your column headers labeled for easy mapping, you are now ready to save the spreadsheet in a .CSV file format


    PLEASE NOTE:  We realize that you're busy and may not have the time to properly format your spreadsheet and import your contacts. That's OK as we are here to help! 

    You can send us your spreadsheet to and this will create a support ticket for you. As soon as the import has been completed we will reply back through the ticket to let you know your contacts are ready for you in your account! 

4 steps to Import your Contacts

  1. Go to the "Admin" tab and locate the "Manage My Account"€ section and select the "Import Contacts"€ link

  2. Carefully follow the instructions that you will see on the screen, then click the button labeled "Continue to Next Step"

  3. You are now on the "Mapping Screen" and in here you will want to scan all of the header names to ensure they are set to map to the correct destination (field) in your BigContacts account.  When you are certain that all mapping is in good order, you will scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the button labeled "Continue to Next Step" found in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen.

  4. You are now at the final step for completion of your Import.  This screen is what we call the "Preview Screen".  This screen allows you to preview how a contact will look if you were to complete the import process.  This is a great way to ensure that every bit of data is mapping to the field you thought it would.  Your contacts are NOT imported at this stage.

    Your contacts are not yet imported yet at this point, however, if you DO like what you see, click on the " Finish" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to complete your import. 

  5. NOTE: It can take several minutes to process a large spreadsheet.

If you DO NOT like what you see, you can click on the button labeled "Back to Mapping Fields" in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to go back to the mapping screen and make the necessary adjustments.

Special Notes

Assigning contacts to a user on your team

First, obtain the " User ID#"€ for each team member

  1. Go to the "Admin" tab
  2. In the "€Manage Users"€ section you will select the "Add/Edit Users"€ link
  3. In the User table, you will see a column labeled "User ID"€.
  4. In your spreadsheet, create a column labeled "Assigned to"€ and paste the appropriate User ID next to each contact. This will ensure each contact is assigned to the appropriate person on import
    In your spreadsheet add a new column labeled "Assigned To' and enter the appropriate User ID next to each contact record.

Adding Custom fields to your spreadsheet

There may be fields that you wish to import where BigContacts does not already offer as a standard field.  In this case, with the exception of Tags, you will want to create a custom field PRIOR to importing your contacts.  The key thing here is that you are creating a home for this custom field to reside, so it must first be created in the Admin section of BigContacts first so that the Import Wizard has a place to map this field to. 

  1. Go to the "€Admin"€ tab
  2. In the "Manage Account" section you will select the "Customize Account" link
  3. In here you will see a variety of tabs that include fields that you can customize, including "Contact Types"€, and "Custom Fields"€


- If you have a custom field labeled "Account Number", your header should be "Account Number".

- If you have a custom contact group labeled "County" (and a picklist of various Counties), your header should be "County" and in the cells below in that column, you would have the appropriate county name for each contact row.


With Tags, you do not need to add them ahead of time.  If you have multiple tags in a cell, separate them with a comma such as: blue, red, green, yellow.

Important Note with regard to re-importing contacts that already exist.  If you re-import a basic spreadsheet with columns for first name, last name, email address and the column (field) you are trying to update (marketing contact, contact type, etc) the system will see you have no tags on the spreadsheet and will remove the tags from the contact record (to "update" the contact record with what you have on the spreadsheet).  If you have Tags on the records you are updating you must add a column for "Tags" and make sure you have the existing tags in the appropriate contact rows.  Multiple tags should be separated by a comma (no space).

Synchronizing Contacts with Marketing Module

  • Add a column in your spreadsheet and label it "Marketing Contact"
  • Enter "yes" next to each contact that you wish to sync with marketing

Deleting an Import

If at any point you discover that you did not map certain fields the way you wanted them or maybe you forgot to add a custom field prior to import.  Not to worry, we offer an easy way for you to "Delete"€ your import.  Below are the steps for this simple process.

1. You will first click on the " Admin" tab on the left-hand side of your screen

2.  In here under the " Manage My Account" section on the top left area of the screen you will click on the link labeled "Import Contacts".

3. On the screen, you will scroll all the way to the bottom until you see a section labeled "Delete your imports".

IMPORTANT NOTE: it is important to note that this feature is only available to contacts that you have imported where you chose NOT to merge with any existing contacts in your account. If you chose the "Merge with Existing Contact" option when importing your contacts you will not be able to delete the import using this feature.

In the far right column of the table and you will know whether or not you can delete these contacts. You will see one of two messages listed next to the import. If you are NOT able to delete an import because he chose the merge option it will state " This file cannot be deleted".  If you ARE able to delete the import because you did not choose the merge option it will state "Delete imported contacts".

This is a safety feature to prevent you from accidentally deleting contacts that have been merged during the import and risking the chance of losing important contact information including notes in history for certain merged contacts.  For those imports that you are able to delete we encourage you to be very careful with this helpful yet very powerful feature.  First, choose VERY carefully the import you are deleting to ensure you are removing the contacts that you really want to remove.  Second, when you delete any set of contacts the contact records and ALL data/history associated with those records will be PERMANENTLY removed from your database.

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