Upgrade My Account

You can upgrade from a Free Trial to a Paid account with BigContacts by following (4) simple steps.

Step 1 

Login to your account and click on the orange " Upgrade Account" button in the left hand side of your screen as shown below. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If for some reason your don't see the orange "Upgrade Account" button shown in the screenshot above - not to worry!... You can click directly on the "Admin" tab on the left hand side of you screen and THEN under the "Manage My Account" section you will click directly on the "Update/Upgrade Subscription" link and you are now ready to move to Step #2 below.

Step 2

On the screen that appears you will follow the steps listed below:

  1. Enter the total number of users under step 1 on the subscription screen
  2. Choose your payment mode (Monthly or Annual) 
  3. Choose your Plan (BIG, BIGGER or BIGGEST

    If you any questions about the plans and what they include, please feel free to review your options on our PRICING PAGE

Step 3

Scroll to bottom of the screen and click on the Update Subscription button.

Step 4

Enter your credit card information.  


If you have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE, you can enter that code in the "Discount Code" field that you can see in the screenshot below and then press the orange button there to apply the discount.  You will instantly see the discount applied and you're now ready to enter your Credit card info and click on the "Update Subscription" button.

Congratulations!!  Your account has now been successfully upgraded.