Mobile Access

BIGContacts is a fully responsive web application

What this means to you is that BIGContacts will work/display on any size screen and Web Browser, including any mobile device. Since we offer this fully responsive design, you have access to most of the features & functionality that you can see on your desktop - right from your mobile phone, tablet, etc!

Since there are no apps to download, there are no restrictions on where you can access your account. You will simply open a browser on your mobile device and go to the login page as you always do and enter your login credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to access your BigContacts quickly from any mobile device, you can save your login as an "App" button on your home screen. CLICK HERE for an article to see how and where you can do this.

PLEASE NOTE: that you can change your browser settings on your mobile device to save your login credentials. This will create a simple two-step login process.