Save the Login Page as an "App" button on your smartphone


Android Instructions


If you have an Android, here is an online article we found that has screenshots:

iPhone Instructions

The mobile Safari browser on your iPhone has a feature that allows you to take a web page and save it as an "app-like" button on your home screen. 

1)  In the top right corner of the screen you can easily make your way to the Login Page by tapping on the link labeled "Login". In here, you will choose the link labeled "BigContacts 3.0 (NEW)".  This will automatically take you to the Mobile Login screen.

2)  Once you are on the Login page you will see an icon that you can tap which give you some options.

3)  Type in a name for your new Mobile icon such as "BC Mobile" and tap on "Add" in the upper right

4)  Tap on "Add to Home Screen" and this will place an icon on your iPhone

** Have Safari remember your login/password! **

Below are the necessary steps that you can take to ensure that your Safari browser on your iPhone is automatically saving and refilling your username and password.

Step 1 - Select the "Settings" icon that has the image of a gear on it

Step 2 - On the screen that appears, scroll down and select the "safari" icon

Step 3 - On this next screen find and select the link labeled " Password & Auto-fill"

Step 4 - On the next screen that appears you will want to make sure you have "Names and Password" turned on

It may take one more time of logging in and you may eve be prompted to verify that you wish to save this info for this site. Going forward your iPhone will remember and auto-fill your login info!

Windows Smartphone Instructions

Adding a Website to Your Favorites

1. In Internet Explorer , open the website you'd like to save.

2. Tap More > Add to Favorites.

3. Internet Explorer automatically fills in the name and web address (URL) of the site.

4. If you need to make any changes, tap inside a text box. When you've finished, tap Done.

Note: At this time, you can't import favorites from your computer to your phone.

To Open, Edit, or Delete a Favorite

1. In Internet Explorer , tap More > Favorites. (Or, if you've set the address bar button to favorites, just tap that.)

2. Click until you see the name of the favorite you want, and then do one of the following:

o To Open a site, tap it.

o To Edit a site, tap and hold it, and then tap Edit to type a new name or address.

o To Remove a site from your list, tap and hold it, and then tap €œDelete€.

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