Standard Reports

BigContacts offers a variety of reporting options. The reports tab gives you the ability to perform advanced searches, create custom reports and access a variety of system reports.

In this article, we highlight all of the Standard System Reports "where to find them and what they offer".

  1. Click on the "Reports" tab
  2. In here you will look under the header "Standard Reports"
  3. Find and select the standard report that you want and view the results.
  4. There are a variety of standard reports that we offer and they are shown below.

Exporting your report as a PDF or Excel (.xlsx) file

  1. When you are ready to export/print your report, click on the Print button in top right, next to the Submit button.
  2. On the print prompt screen, select the option to print using your system. The exact wording will depend on the operating system (Mac, Windows, etc) you are using. The screenshot below is from Mac.

  3. On the next screen, click on PDF and select Save as PDF. Save the .pdf file to your computer.

  4. Visit (third-party) in your web browser and upload the PDF file and select the option to Convert It
  5. Download the .xlsx (Excel) file. You'll then be able to use this file in a spreadsheet program like Excel, and in Google Sheets.