Google Calendar Sync - How to Sync FROM Google Calendar to BigContacts


Now that you have your contacts calendar and Google calendar set up to instantly synchronize with one another, let's take a look at a few important things to note when adding, editing or deleting a meeting in either BigContacts for Google calendar.

Adding a NEW meeting FROM your Google calendar


Adding, Editing a new meeting or Canceling an existing meeting in your Google calendar requires a few important steps to ensure that everything properly synchronizes for you.  Is important steps are noted in each of the three sections below.

When adding a new meeting to your Google calendar, you will always want to "Edit event" link after you have selected the date and time on your calendar as this will allow you to enter all of the important details of this meeting to ensure that everything properly synchronizes.

Now you are in the detailed view of the meeting you can proceed to enter the meeting subject, time, location and description.



In order to ensure that meeting invitations are sent out to all attendees and to ensure that your Google calendar properly synchronizes with your BigContacts calendar, you will need to add ALL of the guests to this meeting. (including yourself) Guests include both your team members as well as the contact that you are inviting to the meeting.

Edit or Cancel an EXISTING meeting from your Google calendar


Editing or Canceling an existing meeting from your Google calendar is as simple as it is in your BigContacts calendar. There's nothing special you need to do here. Simply make the update or cancel the meeting and within one - five seconds, this change will be reflected in your BigContacts calendar and any meeting updates will be sent to the meeting attendees.



Why is Google Sync disconnecting every day or each time I sync?

Google limits the amount of "calls" (i.e. syncing meetings) that can be processed at a given time.  If you are attempting to sync meetings and are not having success the likely cause is the number of meetings that currently exist on your BigContacts calendar, but most likely the amount of meeting you have in your Google account. 

If the number of meetings were reduced, the Google sync reconnected in BigContacts, and another sync runs, if the number of meetings is reduced enough, the issue should be resolved. In our testing, 50 or fewer meetings were successful.  If more than about 50 meetings are trying to sync at a given time Google's limitation is designed to break the connection.


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