Export - How to get your contacts into a spreadsheet


Please NOTE:  The best way to obtain directions for exporting your contacts from your current contact management system is to do an online search.  


Example: "Export contacts from Outlook 2007  to  . CSV"


Below you will find some of the most popular programs where people store lists of contacts.  Do you see the program you are currently using?  if so, simply click on the link below for instructions on how you can export these contacts to an excel spreadsheet as you prepare to import them into your BigContacts account.

Don't see your program?  have questions about what you have read here? Simply click on the "Create a Support Ticket" link at the bottom left corner of this article and let us know how we can help.


Exporting Contacts from where they currently exist

  • Salesforce.com
  • Mac Address Book:
  • Highrise:
  • Microsoft Dynamics (Product Communities):
  • ZOHO:
  • Pipeline Deals:


  • BatchBook:
  • Filemaker Pro:  
  • Kazeli:
  • Google:   
  • Outlook:   
  • Outlook on Mac:
Google Contacts


When you export contacts from Google there are two main choices.  One will produce a spreadsheet that looks like this (INCORRECT)...


The other selections (CORRECT) will look more like this...



Below are the steps for exporting Google contacts in the way the BigContacts Import tool requires.








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