How Emails are sent from BigContacts


When sending an email from inside the system you're outside of your regular email provider/email program.  In order to offer the convenience of sending email without leaving the system ("masked" email) and ensure successful delivery rates to your contacts we use a legitimate email service provider who follows industry guidelines.  One of those guidelines is to let an email recipient know if an email is not being sent directly from the sender's email provider.  This helps your email to not be considered as "spoofing" and have the best chance of being delivered to your contacts. Spoofing is when the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source and this is why we must use the format we do so that we are in full compliance with all industry guidelines.


  1. It's important to note this format for delivering emails in no way impedes the contact's ability to reply to you and in most cases a contact will not see the "sent on behalf" information unless they have the option (in their email account) to "view all header details" and actually select this to view the header details. If a contact were in fact to view the header details, they simply see that this email was sent "on behalf".  Some email programs will display this and others will not. 
  2. The message pertaining to being "sent on behalf of" is only visible to those that have an email program and settings to show the "detailed" email header...which represents a small minority of individuals you may typically send emails to.
  3. The only way to truly create a "pure" email header with no traces of a third party is to send the email directly from your email provider.  We do allow you to send an email from anywhere outside of the system you like and as long as you place your BigContacts custom email address into the BCC field before sending, a copy of that email will be stored in the contact's history.  

The good news is that as guidelines get more strict it is across the board meaning you, us, and your contacts are all dealing with this in our business.  It's common to send email from Email Marketing services, or in this case from a CRM system, and have it not originating directly from your email provider.  

Please let us know if we can provide any further details about what we are doing to ensure the best possible delivery rates for you and your team.


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