Why BigContacts Requires an Unsubscribe Link in all Email


There are certain instances in which you may wish to send email from your standard email program instead of from within the BigContacts system.  You can do this AND still have these emails stored in your contact records!

When sending an email from outside BigContacts it's easy to get a copy of the email stored into the appropriate contact record.  All you need to do is to BCC your BigContacts custom email address.  

Here's how you can obtain your custom email address:

  1. Go into the "Admin" Tab of your system
  2. Click on "Add/Edit Users"  You will see a row with your name and a link labeled "Request Custom Email"
  3. When you click the link, it will create a custom email address for you.


This is the address you will place into the BCC field of the email before you send it. For the email to be properly stored into the history of your BigContacts system the email address in the "TO" and/or "CC" fields must EXACTLY MATCH an email address you have on file in the contact record of your BigContacts system.


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