Send an Email from the Contact Record


For your convenience, you can send emails directly from inside of BigContacts when in a contact's record.   For any contact that you have an email address on file for, simply click directly on their email address to bring up the internal BigContacts email sending screen.  



Email sent this way will show that it is coming from your username (your email address).   The reply-to email address they see is the email address you are using as your BigContacts username/login.  Note: We use a professional Email Service Provider to ensure the best possible deliverability of emails sent from the system.

When an email is successfully sent from your BigContacts account, a copy will be instantly stored  into  the contact's  "Contact History" folder.   A reply to this email will go to your regular email inbox.  Email sent this way will not automatically show in the "Sent" folder of your regular email program.


PLEASE NOTE:  We cover storing incoming email in a separate article, Click the link below to learn more about how to automatically capture & store incoming emails.


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