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Getting Started With the SocialPro Add-on

If you currently have the BIGGEST plan, SocialPro is already included in your subscription, but for all other plans, you must elect to add this optional service to your account. 

We also offer a 15 day Free Trial of Social Pro 

Add SocialPro to your account 

Now that you have SocialPro activated we wanted to know that there are 3 different ways to update the social profile data for your contacts

Individual Contact Records

If you are adding a new contact into your BigContacts account, we will automatically begin to search the web for that contact's social media presence to populate as many of the social networks that we can find.  You simply add the contact(s) as you have always done and with the SocialPro module active in your account we handle the rest for you.

In some cases, it can take a few minutes to get results back but you will begin to see the various social media badges populate within the contact record and if we find a photo online for this person you will also see this appear in their contact record.

Below is an example of an actual BigContacts contact record and the data that was found online using their email address. You can see that this person is very active with Social Media as they have a presence on a dozen different networks.

Update Individual Contacts Social Profile

If you're editing an existing contact, you can choose to update a contacts social profile by selecting "Social Profile" from the Actions button dropdown menu. The system will search for any Social Profile updates for this contact that you are editing. For example, you are in a contact record and would like to refresh their record to check for Social Media Profile updates. Simply click on the Actions button and select the link labeled "Update Profile" and in a matter of a few minutes, we will scan the entire web in search of updated Social profiles. 

Updating Social Profiles for All Contacts

You can also do this for ALL contacts via the Admin section.

What about Imports?

If you Import new contacts using the Import page, we will automatically search for and populate the social media profiles for the entire list of contacts that you just added to your BigContacts account.  No work needed on your end as we do all this for you in the background!

Social Network Search Disclaimer

BigContacts utilizes a third-party service provider to search over 100 different social media networks to identify and display social media accounts that are related to a particular email address. The accuracy rates for these searches are over 90% and match/fill rates are usually above 60%. (Match rates refer to whether the search returns at least one social URL for a given email address. Fill rates are often dependent on the nature of the queries we are given. For example, a list of old or out-of-date email addresses would typically result in a  lower fill-rate than a list of current, accurate email addresses.

Removing a Social Media Icon from a Contact Record

While the accuracy of these social network searches is quite high… there are still occasions where a search will produce either no results or could potentially produce false results where it feeds in a social network account that is actually not related to your contact. Again, 90% of the time we see accurate results but there is still 10% of the time where you may have inaccurate results. Having said that, you can remove these erroneous results from the contact record by following the steps listed below:

  1. Click on the "Actions" but in the contact record and then select the option "Edit Contact".
  2. You will copy and paste the email address from the contact record in a Word document or notepad.  After you have, where you have this stored on another document you will delete the email address by clicking on the trash icon and saving/updating the contact record.
  3. With this email address now removed from the contact record, you should see the social network icon has now been removed from this record. You can now click on the "Actions" button again and edit the contact and now add the email address back to the contact record. This time will want to make sure that you do not click the option to update their social profile but rather just enter the email address and save the record.

How to manually bookmark a Social Media network

For those rare occasions where the search produces no results or possibly inaccurate results, you can always manually bookmark social networks that are related to this contact directly in the contact record. While this initial process is manual, you only need to do this one time you now have "one-click" access to their social networks.

Add a social media profile bookmark / short cut by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to the contact record you'd like to add a social media link to 
  2. Click on the orange "Action" button, then select "Edit Contact" 
  3. You'll scroll down the contact form until you find a drop-down menu with the label of "Social Media"
  4. Here you will use the drop-down menu to select the social media account you'd like to add, then in the "Username" field enter the username. 

    PLEASE NOTE:   Make sure to only enter the username and not the full URL

  5. To add additional social media accounts, click on the plus sign
  6. After you review and are ready to save your changes click on the orange "Save Contact" button in the lower-left corner.
  7. Once you have saved the appropriate information you can gain quick access to the contacts Social Media page simply by clicking on the Social Media icon you want to visit. 
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