Zapier Integration -  Creating Zaps to integrate with BigContacts


Creating Zaps to integrate with BigContacts

BigContacts is currently available via Invite Only. You must first share your Zapier account through

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With BigContacts new integration with Zapier, the following triggers are made available to you:

New Contact

This trigger fires when a new contact is added in your account. However this will only work when a single contact is added, this trigger is currently disabled on multiple imports.  

New Meeting

This trigger will fire whenever a meeting is created for a specific user.

New Task

This trigger will fire whenever a task is added to a specific contact that you choose.

New Note

This trigger will fire whenever a task is added to a specific contact that you choose.  

Updated Contact / Updated Meeting / Updated Task

When a single contact or meeting is updated, this trigger will fire. Just as with the new contact trigger, this will only run when a single contact is updated and will not run against a bulk update.

Get Started

To begin, choose the Trigger app to be BigContacts. Once you have invited into the application, it should be available to you through your “Zaps.” As indicated in the screen below:

You will first be asked to select which account you would like to use with Zapier. You may have multiple accounts, please select the account that is the admin for your Subscription.

For each action that is available to you, you may select an action from an application that is available on Zapier. Once you have selected your desired action, you may choose the fields that will populate your action.

Any custom fields that you have created for your contacts will be automatically added into Zapier. However, Zapier will use identical test data for each of the custom fields.

If you are missing any custom fields, you may need to re-add your account as described in step one.

You may create Zaps into other actions within BigContacts as the action application, after setting your trigger.

The following actions are available for you to use:

Create Contact

This action will create another contact within your BigContacts account. This action is useful if you need to create an organization contact or create a duplicate of a contact to another account.

Create Meeting

The create meeting action will create a meeting that will be assigned either to your contact or another contact. If you have multiple users under your account, you may select the user that you will assign the meeting to.

Create Task

The create task action will create a task that will be assigned to the BigContacts that you choose. If you have multiple accounts in your account you may select the user that will be assigned to the task.

For each action, the fields that are available to you will be automatically pulled by Zapier. If you create custom fields for your contacts and they do not appear as an option, you may need to re-add the account that you wish to assign a contact, meeting or task.


  • Triggers will only respond to single new items. Any items that are imported in bulk won’t get triggered, except for the last entry
  • Certain custom fields won’t be populated in Zapier as certain custom fields can’t be populated through Zapier. Only the custom fields that can be imported will show in Zapier
  • If the user isn’t the administrator, Zapier won’t pick up those contacts
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