How to Add Custom Fields to a Contact Report


Add custom text fields and picklists in order to efficiently categorize and track diverse contact types within your BigContacts account.


Here's how a custom field appears when adding a new contact to your BigContacts account:


custom field added


Incorporating custom fields into your contact management strategy offers several advantages:


  • Enhanced Categorization: Custom fields enable you to categorize contacts based on specific criteria, such as type, industry, or location. This enhances your ability to organize and filter contacts efficiently.
  • Tailored Information: By creating custom text fields and picklists, you can capture contact details that are relevant to your business. This ensures that you're collecting and storing the precise information you need.
  • Streamlined Tracking: Custom fields provide a structured way to track various types of contacts. This not only simplifies contact monitoring but also contributes to more informed decision-making.


In this article, you'll learn:


1. Adding Custom Fields to Contacts

2. Performing Quick Search Using Custom Fields


To Add Custom Fields to Contacts


Step 1: Select  "Admin" from the left-hand menu and go to Customize Account under MANAGE MY ACCOUNT.



admin settings


Step 2:  Within the "Custom Fields" section, you'll find four options: "Contact Type," "Picklists/Drop-down Menus," "Custom Field," and "Tags." Click on "Custom Fields" to continue.


add custom field


Step 3:  In the New Custom Field overlay, enter the field name, select the type, and click the "Save custom field" button.


edit custom field


Once you've finished adding Custom Fields to your BIGContacts account, you can add these fields to a Contact Record when either adding a New Contact or editing an existing Contact. 


How to Perform a Quick Search Using Custom Fields


To  locate contacts using custom field values, follow these steps:


Step 1: Navigate to the search bar and enter the desired custom field value.


Step 2: Select the 'custom fields' filter and press 'enter' to initiate the search.




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