How to Customize and Assign a Contact Type


You may need to label certain contacts in your account in order to distinguish your next move. With the BIGContacts "Contact Type" feature, you can view the Contact Type directly from the contact record! 


Customize Contact Type


1. Select "Admin" from the main menu.


2. Select "Customize Account" under the Management My Account module.


3. Scroll down and select "Custom Fields"


4. You will then see pre-selected choices for Contact Type. You can use these options or delete them and add your own!


5. After selecting "Add Contact Type," you can then name your custom Contact Type. Don't forget to click "Create"!

Once you have taken these steps, you can then assign a "Contact Type" to the contact record.


Assigning a Contact Type


1. Select "Contacts" from the main menu.


2. Click the Actions button and select "Edit Contact"

3. Scroll down, until you the "Contact Type" dropdown


4. Once the Contact Type is assigned, scroll back to the top of the page and select "Update Contact"


You're all set!


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