How to add Tags to a Contact


BigContacts allows you to add tags to your contacts, you can do it adding these tags individually to any contact or adding the tag into a spreadsheet and then import contacts and merge them to have new tags added.


To get started adding tags to your contacts, select "Admin" in the left menu area:


Select "Customize Account"


Select "Custom Fields"

Scroll down to the "Tags" area and select "Add Tag"

You are then presented with a pop-up to create a new Tag.


Once you have completed creating your new Tag, return to the Left Menu Area and select Contacts.



  • On the top right of the next screen, select Custom Fields
  • You will see "Tags" (Click on the arrow sign). Now, you can then choose the tags you would like to designate.
  • Once you have selected the tag you want to add click on "Update Contact"



  • Now, your contact will have two tags added to it



Adding the tag into a Spreadsheet 

If your Contact has two tags already and you are adding a new tag with an import, merging the contacts. You need to make sure to have both tags (Two tags already added) added into the spreadsheet with the new tag you want to add, separated with a comma.

  • Once you click on "Merge" the system will add the new tag without deleting the other two (System doesn't delete those two tags because you add them in the spreadsheet separated with a comma)

Ex. If you only add Tag: Test 1 and Tag: Test 3 (in the spreadsheet separated with a comma) the system will delete Tag: AppDirect and the contact will look like this

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