Auto capture Emails sent FROM Gmail

When sending emails from your Gmail account to contacts outside of your BigContacts system, it's essential to automatically BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) your "BigContacts email address." This ensures that BigContacts can efficiently receive and categorize these emails into the appropriate contact records.

However, Gmail lacks an integrated "auto BCC" feature. In this guide, we'll explore third-party solutions to automate the BCC process, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy. If you use Google Chrome, a web browser closely tied to Gmail, you can easily add these extensions to streamline the process.

Automating BCC in Gmail with Third-Party Extensions

To enable automatic BCC when sending emails from your Gmail account, you can use third-party Chrome extensions. Here are two options:

  1. Auto BCC for Gmail
  2. BCC Me for Gmail

By adding one of these extensions to your Google Chrome browser, you can ensure that outgoing emails from your Gmail account are automatically BCC'd to your BigContacts custom email address, simplifying your workflow and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Additional Resources

If you're interested in further customizing your Gmail experience, you may find this community forum discussion helpful:

Exploring these options should provide you with the tools needed to enable "auto BCC" when sending emails from Gmail. This automated approach ensures that your team won't forget to BCC their BigContacts custom email address, improving data management efficiency.