Add Custom Fields to a Contact Record

Add custom text fields and picklists in order to properly categorize and track the various types of contacts in your BigContacts account.

To get started, select " Admin" from the left Menu

Next, select " Customize Account" under the "Manage My Account" module. You will then select "Custom Fields" to start adding your own personalized custom fields.

There are 4 options available for Custom Fields:

  • Contact Type
  • Picklists/Drop-down Menus
  • Custom Field
  • Tags

Once you've finished adding Custom Fields to your BIGContacts account, you can add these fields to a Contact Record when either adding a New Contact or editing an existing Contact. 

How to perform a quick search by using the custom fields.

Follow the below steps to perform a quick search for the custom fields added to the contacts.

Step #1: 
Navigate to the search bar and then enter the custom field value, choose the 'custom fields' filter, and press enter.