Make a User Inactive

At anytime any Admin user on your account can inactivate a user on your system.  Admin users can also inactivate other Admin users, however there is always at least one "Account Owner".  Account Owners cannot be inactivated.  If you do not see a "Make Inactive" link in the user row this means the person is an Account Owner.  If the Account Owner needs to be inactivated and is not the person paying for the subscription, an Admin user or the person whose name is on the credit card on file can contact the support team at and we will have our technical team remove the "Account Owner" status which will restore the "Make Inactive" link.

When a user is inactivated:

- Their name remains on the screen and they will be highlighted indicating they have been inactivated.  Though you see their name, they are effectively "deleted" from the account in the sense that they cannot login and they are not part of your "Active" user count.  Maintaining the User ID means history entries made by that user will retain their time/date/user stamp for historical purposes

- It opens up a user spot/license on you account which allows you to instantly add a new user to that open user spot


- You do not want to "Exchange" a user.  In other words, do not edit an active user and change them over to the new person by changing their name and email address.  You can use the Contact Table to reassign contacts to another user.

- When you inactivate a user, the user spot is still on your account.  This means you can use the use spot you've already prepaid for and it will continue to be an active user spot until you reduce the total amount of users spots on your account.

*** To reduce the total amount of user spots so that you are NOT billed for users you no longer need please take the steps at the bottom of this page.

1) Click on the "Admin" tab and under the "Manage Users" section select the "Add/Edit users" link


2) Locate the user you'd like to make inactive in the user table and click on the "Make Inactive" link

3)  IMPORTANT Final step

If you need to reduce the total amount of user spots so that you are NOT billed for user spots you do not need at this time, take the steps below