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BigContacts has a report called the Task Manager which allows you to see if you and your team are completing tasks on time. When you set up a custom task in the Admin tab you have the option of entering/setting a "Service Standard". A service standard is a benchmark you set to identify how many days it should take to complete a task after it has been assigned.

After you have created some custom tasks in the "Task Module" section of the Admin tab and entered a number in terms of days into the "Service Standard" field, and some time has passed for the system to compile the data, you can use the Task Manager to see how your team is doing in in terms of how quickly they are completing tasks.


To access the Task Manager Report:

  • Click on the "Reports" Tab
  • In the "Standard Reports" section on the right, under "Activity Reports" click on the "Task Manager" link.

  • Where it says "Select a period when tasks were assigned" use the drop-down menu to select a period when tasks were assigned

  • On the right, you will see the radio buttons. The default will be "Selected Month", but you may also choose to see "this quarter" and "all Open Tasks."
  • Click on the orange "Submit" button and if there is any data based on your parameters/data collected from custom tasks that have been assigned it will display below.


Note: You can print this report by clicking on the "Print" link/Printer icon


Exporting your report as a PDF or Excel (.xlsx) file

  1. When you are ready to export/print your report, click on the Print button in top right, next to the Submit button.
  2. On the print prompt screen, select the option to print using your system. The exact wording will depend on the operating system (Mac, Windows, etc) you are using. The screenshot below is from Mac.

  3. On the next screen, click on PDF and select Save as PDF. Save the .pdf file to your computer.

  4. Visit https://altoconvertpdftoexcel.com/ (third-party) in your web browser and upload the PDF file and select the option to Convert It
  5. Download the .xlsx (Excel) file. You'll then be able to use this file in a spreadsheet program like Excel, and in Google Sheets.


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