Adding Contact Activity/History

You can easily record and track all activity for a contact whether it is a general note, information regarding a call or notes from a meeting.

  1. From the contact record, you will select the "Actions" button

  2. From the list that appears you will select the "Add Activity" link

  3. In here you can select the type of activity that you are tracking and enter any details

  4. After you have finished you will then select the "Add Activity" button in the bottom right corner of the window

Special Note:

- The instant information is saved it will appear under one of the green folders labeled "Contact History" on the right-hand side of the screen.

- The "Add History" function places a history item such as a note or a call directly into the contact history. If you want to be able to EDIT your note in the future you will need to use the "Note Pad" function. This places the note into the "Note Pad" folder where you will see a blue pencil icon allowing you to edit the note.

Learn more about the " Note" Pad feature here: