Using the Note Pad


It's easy to add a quick note to any contact record.  The purpose of the "Note Pad" feature is to create a note that you will be able to EDIT in the future. 

  1. Click on the Orange "Actions" button
  2. Then Select the "Note Pad" function
  3. Enter your note subject into the "Subject" field
  4. Enter your note details in the main box below and click on the orange "Add Note" button at the bottom right to save the note into the "Note Pad" folder

    PLEASE NOTE:  If you simply want to place a note or log a call directly into the contact's History you will want to use the "Add History" feature.  Learn more about the "Add History" feature here:

Adding Click-to-Call links in the Note Pad

  • Click the Actions button and select Note Pad
  • Enter your note's Subject
  • Click on the Source button to enter "html editing mode"

  • Add phone numbers in the following format:
  • Click the Add Note button
  • When you click to view the note, the phone numbers will be 'clickable'.


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