Outlook Synchronization powered by Implicit Sync - How to Sync Contacts


Syncing Contacts between BigContacts and Outlook


Adding a Contact in BigContacts

- Enter contact as you normally would and if you have the Outlook Sync Plug-in configured to automatically Sync, the new contact will appears in Outlook after the next Sync occurs.


Adding a Contact in Outlook

1) Click on the new contact button in Outlook


2) Fill out basic contact information and then in order to mark the contact as a "Sync" contact you must click on the "Sync Categories" button.


3) Click on "OK"  (For adding new contacts in Outlook you do NOT need to do anything with the drop down menus you see here)


You should now see a green "flag" indicating the contact is marked for sync.


4) PLEASE NOTE before Syncing.  Your initial sync may take some time.  It depends on the amount of contacts you have and the amount of data in each record.  After the initial sync, it will only sync new contacts, modified contacts, and deleted contacts.

If you are ready to sync your contacts and you did not set the Sync Plug-in to automatically sync every few minutes you can now click on the "Sync Now" button to sync contacts.

Outlook 2007


Outlook 2013


5) Make sure "Contacts" is checked off and then click on the "Sync Now" button


IMPORTANT NOTE: (please read)

Because of a limitation in Outlook and the Outlook Sync Plug in, Data entered into the "Title" field in BigContacts will sync to the "Prefix" field in Outlook.

Contact Edits:  

- You can edit a contact on either side and changes will be reflected after syncing.

- Sometimes you may not see modifications to contacts in Outlook until you close and restart Outlook

Contact Deletions:  

- If you DELETE a contact in BigContacts, the contact will be removed from Outlook.  If you however delete a contact in Outlook, the contact will not be removed from BigContacts.  This is to prevent data loss and to prevent deleted contacts from reappearing.


Check to make sure your Setting are like the image below.


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