Outlook Synchronization powered by Implicit Sync - How to Sync Tasks


Syncing Outlook Tasks


The Sync Add-in allows you to create a task in BigContacts or in Outlook and after syncing the task will sync.  You can also edit the task on either side and the changes will sync.

If creating a task in Outlook you will need to follow these directions in order to LINK the task to a specific contact in Outlook.

1) From your Outlook calendar, click on an empty task slot


2) Fill out the standard fields: Subject, Start and End Date, Body of the task


3) In order to mark the Task as a Task that will Sync you must click on the "Sync Categories" button


4) Use the "Type of Contact"  drop-down  menu to select "Business" or "Individual"


5) Important Note: The picklist only shows the first 100 or so contacts so you will want to place your cursor into the "Contact Name" field and start typing the name of the contact until it  autofills


6) Click on the "OK" button


7) If you have the Outlook sync settings to automatically sync within a certain amount of minutes the Task will sync on the next sync cycle, otherwise you can click on the "Sync Now" button to sync immediately.  


8)Make sure "Tasks" is checked off and then click on the "Sync Now" button


Important Note:  When you delete a task in BigContacts the Task will NOT be removed from your Outlook Calendar.  This is currently a limitation in Outlook.

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