Outlook Synchronization powered by Implicit Sync - How to Sync Meetings


Entering Meeting in BigContacts


- Enter the meeting in BigContacts through the calendar.

Entering Meeting in Outlook

1) While in your Outlook calendar, click on the " New" button.


2) Fill out basic meeting information including Subject, Location, Start time, End time, and Meeting details.


3)   In order to mark the Meeting as a "Sync Event" you must click on the "Sync Categories" button.


4) To LINK the Meeting to a specific contact record in BigContacts  use  the "Type of Contact"  drop down  menu to select "Business" or "Individual".


After you select the Type of Contact (Business or Individual) you will then use the second field (shown as ac a  drop down  menu) labeled "Contact Name" to type in the contact name you want to link the Meeting with. 

Important Note: The picklist only shows the first 100 or so contacts so simply place your cursor into the "Contact Name" field and start typing the name of the contact until it  autofills


6) After the Contact name  autofills , click on the " OK" button


7) If you have the Outlook Sync settings to automatically sync within a certain amount of minutes the Task will sync on the next sync cycle, otherwise you can click on the " Sync Now" button to sync immediately.  


8) Make sure "Appointments" is checked off and then click on the " Sync Now" button


Special Notes:

Deletions: If you DELETE a meeting in BigContacts, the contact will be removed from Outlook.  If you, however,  delete a meeting in Outlook, the contact will not be removed from BigContacts.  This is to prevent data loss and to prevent deleted contacts from reappearing.


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