Sales Pipeline Overview


The BIGContacts Sales Pipeline is a must for any company that is looking to better track Sales Opportunities. Watch the video below for a full overview of the capabilities of the BIGContacts Pipeline. 

This feature allows you to completely Customize your Sales Stages, Products, and Commission Splits between your Team Members. You can also add Custom Fields and even change the Actual Creation Date.

Pipeline View


To customize your Sales Pipeline, just hit the Customize button from the top-left corner of the Pipeline.

Or the  Customize Pipeline link from the Gear Icon in the top-right corner.

You will be taken to the Customize Pipeline section where you can make customizations to Sales Stages, Products, Commission Splits, and Custom Fields

Add Opportunity

Now that your Pipeline is customized, you can add an Opportunity directly from the Pipeline (top left corner) or from the Contact Record (Actions button dropdown).

Note: In the Pipeline's Add Opportunity View, you will have to search for the Contact. 

If you choose to add an Opportunity directly from a Contact Record, you can do so from the  Actions button dropdown. The Contact will already be selected. 

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