Auto BCC your custom email address when using Gmail


When sending an email to one of your contacts using any email program outside of your BigContacts account you will need to BCC to your BigContacts custom email address. This is required as this is the only way that BigContacts can receive this email to then sort and store it in the appropriate contact record.

Unfortunately, Gmail is it limited in this regard in that they do not have an "auto BCC" feature built into their system. Fortunately, there are third-party vendors that have developed solutions for this. If you use Google Chrome as your web browser of see which is also a Google product) you can go directly to the chrome store and use one of the following add-ons.


We have also included a link to another article below that may prove helpful in showing you how you can work around Gmail customization!topic/Gmail-Users/t8fyV0Rmycs


Either one of these options should work for you to enable "auto BCC" when sending an email from your Gmail account. This automated method will then prevent your users from forgetting to manually BCC to their BigContacts custom email address


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