How to Create & Manage Lists


BIGContacts CRM helps you optimize your email marketing campaigns by letting you create contact lists based on activity and requirements.

BIGContacts CRM enables you to create lists of contacts based on contact property such as name, email, phone number, etc., to quickly segregate and retarget customers to increase sales. 

Some other filter types that you can use in BigContacts CRM are  Product Name, Assigned To, Marketing Contact, Lead Type, Tags, Last touch, Lead Source, and Email Opt-out, among others.


You can use lists for the following instances:

  1. Run email marketing campaigns with promotional offers, special discounts, and other benefits for both existing and new customers
  2. Filter out bounced contacts without hassle to optimize retargeting based on their experiences and acquire them
  3. Survey your customers to gauge satisfaction levels and reward your loyal customers with special offers


Creating a list with BigContacts is as easy as it can get. 


There are two types of lists: Dynamic List and Static List.


Dynamic List

A dynamic list means the members get automatically updated in the list if they meet the criteria.

As long as the record meets the requirements, it will appear in that list, and once it stops meeting the criteria, it is no longer a part of that list.

Note: When you are creating a dynamic list, use the "Is" constraint to filter contacts.


A dynamic list becomes helpful under the following situations:

  1. Sending regular newsletters to welcome new customers as well as update existing customers regarding any upcoming offers
  2. Attracting similar prospects, i.e., contacts having the same property value with a unique offer
  3. Sending out promotional campaigns to inform a wider audience.


Static List 

A static list adds no new members, even if they meet the criteria. It contains only those records which you add at the time of creating the list.

The static list doesn't get automatically updated.


A static list works best when:

  1. You are surveying customers for their feedback on a particular product or service.
  2. You are sending attractive deals/offers via a campaign to retain your premium customers.
  3. You have a fixed set of contacts to convey information via email (most probably an organizational update)


Feature Alert: 

  1. BIGContacts CRM now provides you with a bunch of default lists to help you understand critical features easily.
  2. These lists are both dynamic & static by default and cannot be deleted. You can only modify their names and list type. 
  3. The five lists will be available for both existing & new BIGContacts CRM users



You can create a copy of these default lists for quick setup. Click on the Copy icon.



In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to Create a list
  2. How to Export a List
  3. How to Edit a list



How to Create a List in BIGContacts CRM


Step 1: In your BIGContacts CRM account,

  • Navigate to Contacts >> Lists
  • Click 'Create List.' A new page opens.
  • Enter List Name
  • Select List Type: Dynamic or Static
  • Select a filter type to add specific contacts to the list

Below is an example of creating a list fulfilling a particular set of criteria.



You can add a condition and use the 'And/Or' option to make a list more specific. When you click 'Add Condition,' the 'Or' option will be selected by default.

Note: Use the constraint 'Is' to filter contacts based on the following properties:

  1. Based on City
  2. Company Property --> Office name, office email, office phone, office country, office state, office city, division, website, title.
  3. Contact Property --> Email, first name, last name, phone, contact type
  4. Also, you can fetch data by using over 13 new filters namely Product Name, Assigned To, Marketing contact, Lead Type, Tags, Last touch, Lead source, Email opt-out, Dropdowns/picklist, Sales stages, Last touch assignee, Timezone, Private Contact

Using filters will help you build a refined list.



Step 2: Click 'Get Contacts' to get the contacts fulfilling the criteria.




After the list appears, you can see every piece of info related to the contacts that have met your criteria.




Step 3: Click 'Save' to save this list.




How to Export a List

Once you have requested the contacts as per your conditions, you can export the list with a click of a button.

  • Click Export.


A CSV file will be downloaded.


How to Edit a List


  • You can click on a list name to access and update it based on your requirements.

You can edit the following elements:

  1. List Name
  2. List Type
  3. List Criteria


  • After making the changes, make sure to click 'Update List' to confirm the edits.


Note: Private Contact & Annual Revenue will not be updated dynamically. As Private contacts will only be shown to the assignee.

Also, you can select lists to edit in bulk. You can change their status, export them or delete them.

Note: You can not perform these operations on the default lists.



You can also hover over a list name and click on the Pencil icon to edit the list name.


Note: You can only edit the list name or status. You cannot edit criteria.


That is all about creating and managing lists in your BIGContacts CRM account.


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