Quick Search by Contact Name or Keyword


BigContacts has a quick and flexible way for you to locate a particular person or company.  Along the top blue navigation bar you will see a white oval shaped area with an orange magnifying glass icon.  This is where you can search for a contact in a variety of ways.

Last Viewed Contacts

You can see your most "Last Viewed Contacts by placing your cursor in the quick search area and clicking one time.  This view will show you the last 10 Contacts that you have viewed in your account.

Search by Name

  1. Search by first name: Start typing the first name of the person and results will appear
  2. Search by last name: Start typing the last name of the person and results will appear
  3. Search partial first name and last name:  Type some of the first name, hit space bar once, and start typing the first few letters of the last name and results will appear
  4. Search by Company name: Start typing the name of the company and results will appear
  5. Search by name AND company: Start typing either the first OR last name, hit space bar once, and start typing the company name and results will appear


Search Contact History for Keywords

The Keyword search function allows you to locate information/notes that you have stored in the Contact History, but you'd like to locate them by finding a keyword within the Activity/ History of their contact record.

Example:  You know you made a note last week about speaking with a few people about "form xyz-123".  You cannot remember their names, but you know you placed a note into their history regarding this form.

  1. First click on the options in the drop-down menu labeled "Search Contact History for Keywords"
  2. Place your cursor into the search box and begin typing "xyz-123" (No need to press 'Enter').
  3. The contacts will come up showing you the contact name and the activity associated with the keyword.
  4. Click on the contact whose record you'd like to pull up.


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