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Invite Your Customer or Prospect to a Meeting

The next time you go to schedule a meeting in your BigContacts account you will notice a new section in the bottom left hand corner of the "Schedule a Meeting" popup. The heading of this section reads Meeting Invitation/ Notification and is where you will go to invite your contact to the meeting you are scheduling.


Sending the Email Invitation

After select the option labeled "Invite/Notify Contact" and schedule the meeting on your calendar BigContacts will instantly send your customer or prospect an email invitation.

Confirming Attendance to the Meeting

When your customer or prospect clicks on "Accept," a popup will open as shown below they can choose to have the meeting automatically added to their calendar

Confirmation of Attendance

We don't want you to be left in the dark as to the status of your customer or prospects attendance to the meeting you just scheduled, so the moment they confirm or decline their attendance, your BigContacts system will send you an email back confirming their status.


It's that simple! This is just another feature we hope will save you time in your day and help you present an even more professional image to your customers and prospects.

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